Vast range of menu cases, holders, folders, placemats, chalk boards and other products for the restaurant and hotel industry.

The Menu Shop

The Menu Shop is one of Europe's leading manufacturers and suppliers of menu covers, display products, placemats, display cases and similar products for the hospitality industry. Clients include hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and many others who are attracted by our unique range of products, excellent customer service, careful attention to detail and industry leading design.

Restaurant Menu HoldersThe Menu Shop is probably the UK's largest supplier to the Hospitality Industry

Products in which we specialise include restaurant menu covers made in a variety of materials to suit all types of establishments. Wooden menu covers are of especial interest to many high class establishments while full colour laminated menus and metal menus appeal particularly to restaurants aiming to set themselves apart from the rest. Our design studio which can provide fully personalised menu covers and similar products makes sure that customers can get what they really want in display terms.

Hotel Room Folders

Hotels are always looking for robust room folders used to inform guests of the hotel's services and attractions in the neighbourhood.  Hotels also need products such as blotters and desk pads to be personalised for bedrooms and reception areas. 

Placemats & Menu Display Cases

All sorts of establishments also require placemats made from leather, wood and metal and a whole variety of tabletop display Restaurant casesitems to keep customers aware of all the services that are offered to them. To ensure that this information is always current, most of our menu covers and menu display cases are designed so that information can be readily and easily changed. Most of the products mentioned above are designed for tabletop display but we also specialise in menu cases, display cases, pavement boards and blackboards that can be used inside and outside of restaurants and hotels to help attract customers to enter and to make them aware of what the establishment is offering. Most of our display cases can be personalised in various ways including engraving which can be particularly attractive when used on illuminated display cases. We provide a range of chalk pens that van be used to make eye-catching displays on blackboards.

Restaurant & Hotel Signs

Signage is another important area that The Menu Shop can help customers with.  We supply door signs, wall signs and can provide both wooden and metal signs with full personalisation.

All in all, The Menu Shop should be the first port of call for a whole range of hospitality products.